Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 CCK09 structured reflection from chaos?

Hi My name is Colleen Hodgins and I live in Mission Beach Far North Queensland Australia. I have decided to set up a new blog for my reflections and learning in CCK09. My current blog sits on the xanga platform http://xanga.com/Moo_vir but is more of a repository where I connect with students in my Diploma of e-learning program and there may be some privacy issues that could be impacted if I used this site to share with the CCK09 community. Having said that feel free to check out how I connect with this community and what I reflect and share with others.

My learning context:

I "sort of" participated in last years online CCK08 program but probably got lost and reprioritised my involvment in the program after about week 3. I have therefore set myself a challenge of exploring more consistent involvement with this program over the coming months and trying to use the graphic above as the way that I record my learning. I figure that whilst George describes the chaos and connections of this course as part of its design and development, my reflective comments need to have some structure so that I can then apply this learning into my own personal work and life context.

So I will format my posts into some key headings and see how that works for my reflections in this CCK09 Program.
  • How have I collaborated/connected so far?
  • What am I learning about my learning syles and preferences?
  • What am I exploring independently that I have heard/read about in this program?
  • What feedback am I providing to other participants?
  • What reflections do I have about all aspects of this CCK09 program?
  • What application could this learning have in my personal or work life? How can I use it?
  • What am I actively doing to extend my learning in this program and beyond?

My details for other social software that I use are, feel free to contact me:




I look forward to connecting and learning with and from you. regards Colleen


  1. Hi Colleen, I like your blog - I'm doing the CCK09 course too - I live in Sydney. Bye for now and best wishes - Maijann.

  2. This is fascinating.
    I’d been taught that left-aligned labels are preferred, to support the prototypical F-shaped eye-tracking heatmap of web browsing. The idea is that it supports easy vertical scanning.

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